Viral transport medium tube with saliva collection funnel, 5ml & 2ml tubes.


* Contains a saliva collection funnel, sample collection tube & cap, preservation solution tube and cap.
* Used to collect, store and transport free DNA/RNA or virus samples in saliva samples at room temperature.
* Different virus sample storage solutions can be customized, such as VTM storage solution (pink), inactivating agent-containing storage solution (colorless) or normal saline.
* DNA/RNA storage solution can stably store free DNA/RNA for 24 months at room temperature and is suitable for a variety of DNA/RNA extraction and purification kits.
* Painless, non-invasive collection and leakproof lids.
* PP material.
* Radiation Sterilization: No DNA or RNA enzymes, no pyrogens.


10 kits/carton, 20 cartons/box, 200 kits/box


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