Applications : Female health, Respiratory diseases, Digestive diseases, Veterinary diseases, Genetic diseases & Food safety.

Features : A fully integrated gene extraction and analysis system, Multiplex PCR detection individually controlled, Upgradeable to run 24 samples simultaneously, High
Sensitivity and accurate results, Internet + data transfer



AIGS is a fully integrated system for fast molecular diagnostics, which combines the nucleic acids extraction and real-time PC amplification, by using the microfluidic cartridge preassembled kit to realize the fully integrated gene data analysis for the samples.

It can be widely used for many kinds of gene detection, such as the clinical diagnostic market, food safety, agriculture, army and public security.

As the new generation gene detection system, AIGS realizes the fully integrated detection from sampling into the report.

It is portable and can run each sample at any time and automatically transfer the data as you wish.
It is a close system with no contamination and can be easily operated by the user.
No need for extra nucleic acid purification machines or PC lab, by using the preassembled kits, AIGS can run as a POCT system without complicated operation.

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