CapPro is dedicated to research, development and production of medical products. 
The company is run by an experienced team of medical doctors, researchers and engineers. 
We believe in clinically relevant products, rigorous clinical validations and continuous quality assurance.
In an increasingly complex world clinical knowledge is key to minimizing patient-risk, meeting the future regulatory requirements and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Together with our network of established distributors and partners we ensure reach to the majority of the European market. 


Years of experience

Cappro was established in 2017.


Partner manufacturers

We have direct partnerships with several manufacturers across Asia and Europe


Trusted partners

We deliver to over 30 companies across Europe.

Cappro AB
Org. nr: 559093-7230

Stenbackevägen 6,
702 25 Örebro

Tel: +46 (0) 852 027 734

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